Most often, successful brands tell consistent stories. We work with thought leaders, to help them effectively communicate their diverse ideas and aspirations without wavering from their brand’s core persona. Through thoughtfully designed communications, we help our customers build unassailable communities.

What does a brand stand for?

Interviews, conversations and benchmarking help us understand our client and their ambitions. Through discussions with its customers, we identify the brand’s strengths and shortcomings. 

Our research also helps us recognise what sets the organisation apart. Today, more than ever, brands must be dynamic and aware; a company must internalise the culture it aims to project. We help our clients create honest cultural narratives for people on both sides of the organisation.

Simple Language, Powerful Storytelling

At Now Form, we believe in straightforward communication. Concise language and appropriate design enable effective storytelling. Consistency is another benefit of simple design; by making our design systems easy to understand, our clients can extend our vision effortlessly. 

Maintaining a consistent vernacular builds brand recall. How does a logo extend into other brand touchpoints? How do brands evoke a consistent emotional response? Our strategists document tangible and intangible artefacts to strengthen brand culture and facilitate recall.

Limitless Design

We are a team of multidisciplinary designers; each team member has additional skills, ranging from animation to 3-D game design. We approach every design with an interdisciplinary lens to create solutions that are innovative and unique. 

Additionally, we have built relationships with some of the best designers in the country and collaborate with them on skill-specific projects. We believe that collaboration has many benefits: It keeps the studio lean, innovative, and limitless.