Digital Design

Our team of UX experts work across industries and departments to solve problems for people. Through interviews, research, rapid prototyping workshops and competitive audits, we understand the needs of our clients. Our knowledge of technology, organisational strategy and design enable us to create experiences that can transform businesses.


As strategic design consultants, research guides our decision-making and enables effective design solutions. Most of our projects involve primary (conducting research ourselves) and secondary (using found data) research. 

Through stakeholder interviews, we gather the short and long term business objectives of our clients. Who is their customer? What challenges do they face? Through research methods, like surveys and focus groups, we gain a deeper understanding of a client’s customers — their needs and wants. 

Secondary research, like competitive audits, equips us with industry knowledge. We gauge what is happening in the market and how we can leverage existing solutions to enhance our work. Reports and analytics point us to focus-areas and further substantiate our designs. 


We work closely with our clients to create the foundational structure of their digital interventions. How does a solution function? Is it easy to navigate? We try to address how our solutions work before venturing into how they look.

Workshops and rapid prototyping sessions foster creativity and including decisionmakers in our discussions drives efficiency. During our workshops, we co-create sitemaps, user flows and wireframes. The information mapping artefacts act as a project guide as well as help establish functional priority and content hierarchy.

A well thought out foundation results in a user-friendly output: repeated discussions, iterative solutions, and the process of elimination produce resilient designs.


We invest in creating high-fidelity textual content because accurate information plays an essential role in positioning a company and enabling a user-friendly experience. Through natural language used for descriptions, explanations, and call to actions, we build empathetic interactions.

The appropriate interface further exemplifies the brand’s storytelling. As a team built of individuals with diverse skillsets, we invest in creating unique interface designs by utilising our team’s strengths. With expertise ranging from CGI to animation, the possibilities of hyper-customised experiences are endless. Contemporary interfaces are tactile – by focusing on how digital interfaces animate and react to inputs, we make our solutions more fluid and lifelike. A well-defined journey enhanced by purposeful storytelling and seamless interactions is the outcome we strive to achieve.