Namita Sunil

Design Strategist

Namita is a Design Strategist focusing on UX/UI, illustration, and research. At Now Form, she’s developed digital solutions for clients, including TLC Digitech, Sarita Handa and SBI Card. She has also worked on the design and research communication strategy for Justice Collective and Pink List.


Before Now Form, she worked with various national and international clients. Some of her work includes branding, visual identity and web design for the Berlin-based project Justice Collective, focusing on anti-incarceration, editorial illustrations for Progressive International, a global network of left-wing activists and organisations and Akademi Mag, a print and web publication dedicated to politics, art, culture and society.


Her ongoing personal project documenting drag queen Dame Imfala’s performance looks as illustrated Tarot Cards has been featured in Vogue, India. A NIFT, New Delhi graduate, she enjoys sketching comics, reading New Sincerity literature, and modeling in her spare time.