Client Relations

Tishyo brings extensive experience in managing multi-disciplinary projects across various industries, including independent music, game development, wedding planning, and design. As a project manager at Now Form, he takes charge of diverse endeavours, collaborating with fintech giants like SBI Card, while also managing impactful projects including Pink List and Justice Collective.


Before joining Now Form, Tishyo worked in the game design and development space, making his mark with Artickle Design Studio, an indie game design studio. Notably, he held the prestigious position of Delhi chapter lead for the House Concert Foundation, organizing over 50 concerts both offline and online in the city of Delhi. He has collaborated with various governmental and private companies such as ASI, IIT Jodhpur, The Meghalayan Age, Greater Than across a variety of projects and events. Tishyo’s versatile skill set and multi-disciplinary approach play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless project journeys at Now Form, while his ability to motivate and unite the team keeps everyone focused on success.