Now Form developed the brand language for the celebrated menswear label SUKETDHIR. The branding champions SUKETDHIR’s culture of innovation, playfulness, and Indian storytelling.

SUKETDHIR is a leading Indian luxury apparel label. Their innovation in indigenous textiles, attention to detail, and quality craftsmanship has brought the brand international recognition. The brand won the prestigious Woolmark prize in 2016 and featured on the cover of the New York Times & The Economist.

Over the last few years Now Form has worked with SUKETDHIR to create their brand identity; This includes all their collateral, communications, brand book, and website. Additionally, we oversee and direct their photoshoots and have also designed video collateral for the label.

Rebranding India’s best menswear brand

We worked closely with the founder, Suket Dhir, to understand the ethos of the brand. Through numerous discussions with Suket, customers, friends, and stockists, we were able to establish guiding principles for the brand. SUKETDHIR was synonymous with playful luxury. Our brand pillars enabled us to create a consistent brand language; one which was easy to communicate with other collaborators.

Brand Collateral

Quirk, effortlessness, and nostalgia are central to the SUKETDHIR brand. The brand collateral designed for SUKETDHIR echoes these sentiments.

SUKETDHIR’s clothes are rich in design details. The subtle and often hidden embellishments are for the enjoyment and discovery of the wearer. Playful prints are used to line the garments.

“Stumbling on a yellow business card in a stack of ivory cards should bring the customer the same sense of discovery and amusement as finding a hidden detail in the garments.”

We used undulating line drawn versions of iconic SUKETDHIR prints/motifs on our collateral for the brand. The variation in line weight gives the icons a handmade and feminine (nazakat) vernacular. Much like SUKETDHIR’s garments, the collateral pieces have a simple design. While all of the collateral is ivory, there are a few random pieces designed in the label’s signature yellow. Stumbling on a yellow business card in a stack of ivory cards should bring the customer the same sense of discovery and amusement as finding a hidden detail in the garments.

SUKETDHIR Pop-up Store

Interior Designer, Vibha Hooda designed the SUKETDHIR pop-up store at The Chanakya. We worked with Vibha to ensure that the interiors followed the same brand language. Like in our collateral designs, SUKETDHIR motif’s were hidden into the trellis-work of the store. We designed the store signage using micro concrete sheets and engraved typography.

Website Link

Our team of User Experience designers created a responsive website for SUKETDHIR. As a website for a luxury apparel company, the intention was to design a website that was e-commerce friendly while being narrative and memorable. The interactive homepage (on desktop) discards traditional e-commerce patterns and brings the brand imagery and language to the forefront. The e-commerce website allows the buyer to customize garments as well.

“The interactive homepage discards traditional e-commerce patterns and brings the brand imagery and language to the forefront.”

Custom iconography, in line with the brand’s spirit, can be found across the website. Drawing inspiration from the brand’s garment tags, different bicycle sizes are used as icons for the sizing chart. We replaced the traditional shopping cart with a wardrobe, and a click on the bowler’s hat launches a hidden game.

A few images from the websites’ product photoshoot.

The website and brand language extended into the numerous digital touchpoints of the brand, including, emailers, newsletters, social media, digital invitations, and a video wall at The Chanakya, New Delhi.

Creating a consistent photography style

As an extension of our branding, we established a photographic language for SUKETDHIR. We created moodboards for different image scenarios such as product images, campaigns, lookbooks etc. Using the moodboard as a guide, we cast and directed photographers, stylists, and models on SUKETDHIR’s photoshoots.

Jantar Mantar Campaign

As our first campaign for SUKETDHIR, this shoot established a narrative and whimsical visual language for subsequent photoshoots. Inspired by geometry and architecture, Pranoy Sarkar took the photographs at the picturesque Jantar Mantar in Jaipur.

He for She Campaign & Lookbook

Pranoy Sarkar photographed SUKETDHIR’s, ‘He for She’ (SUKETDHIR’s womenswear collection) Campaign. The Navrasas (nine emotions enshrined in classical Indian art and literature) and René Magritte’s surrealism inspired the campaign. Our team designed the computer-generated backdrops for the photo series.

The images were posted to SUKETDHIR’s social Instagram in grids of 3. The crops showcased the details of the artwork and gave each piece the focus that it deserved. 

We also directed and edited the look book for the collection. The lookbook was designed for social media and had a gradient cloud background that unfolds as a user scrolls through the feed. The lookbook preceded the campaign and acted as a pared-back precursor to the campaign’s airy and whimsical aesthetic.

Lakme India Fashion Week, 2019

For SUKETDHIR’s collection, showcase at Lotus Fashion Week, titled ‘play,’ we explored virtual travel. We utilised the surreal 3D landscapes from our ‘He for She’ campaign and overlayed them with whimsical illustrations. Much like the collection, the absurd and playful juxtaposition of image, drawing, and type created a sense of ease and fantasy.

We extended the visual language to the various touchpoints of the show, which included an LED screen backdrop for the ramp, digital invites, music, and presskits. Our 15-minute backdrop featured an animated sunrise on a 3D rendered moon desert landscape. We also created micro-line drawing animations inspired by instructional drawings for folding origami shapes.

Have you ever been on vacation and found yourself with a backpack full of printed matter? Museum passes, maps, train tickets, brochures, come crawling out of your pockets. Boarding passes get repurposed as bookmarks. Information booklets become reading matter. A gathering of printed matter is what inspired the format of our designs for SUKETDHIR’s India Fashion Week debut, which consisted of a variety of print collateral in different sizes and materials, bound together by an elastic.

The 3D topographies were a precursor to SUKETDHIR’s ‘He for She’ campaign.

SUKETDHIR Project Team


  • Aaina Singh

    Design Strategist
  • Amandeep Singh Sandhu

    Design Strategist
  • Preiyal Bhalla

    Design Strategist
  • Pranoy Sarkar

  • Vibha Hooda

    Interior Designer
  • Nikhil D.

  • Edward Lalrempuia